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The Prinicpal Teachings of Buddhism (Geshe)

Instructor: Dawa Thupten


General Information


This course will teach you about the basics of Buddhism and prepare students for more advanced study. We will learn about concepts such as Buddha Nature, karma, renunciation, and emptiness and learn how they relate to the Buddhist world view.

 Class Expectations and Etiquette

 Please try to arrive on time for class. If you will be late, or have to miss a class, please contact the instructor to let them know. When you do arrive for class, please enter quietly and with a minimum of disruption out of respect for the teachings and for the other students.

 Please try to remain for the entire class. If you must leave early, please let the instructor know in advance and leave as quietly as possible.

 Required Materials

 You will need the following materials:

·        The texts as provided by your instructor.

 ·        A notebook for keeping lecture notes.

 Required Text: The instructor will provide you with a digital copy. More details will be given during class.

Course Schedule (all classes start at 7:30 PM)


1 – Overview and Lineage of the “Three Principal Paths”


2- Mu-shi, Mu-sum; What is Buddha Nature?


3 – What is a Qualified Teacher?


4 – What is an Authentic Student and Authentic Dharma?


5 – What is Samsara and Renunciation?


6 – 4 Principles of Karma; 6 Problems of Human Life


7 – Bodhichitta and its Benefits


8 – How to Generate Bodhichitta


9 – What is the Correct View of Emptiness?


10- Karma and Emptiness


11- Course Review / Final

 Course cost $5 for space rental and love donations for Dawa Thupten.

Pre – registration is required.

Astro Scopes for Febuary 2014


By Patricia Darrow, Astrologer



Scurry and buy any necessary electronics the first week of February before transiting Mercury goes retrograde on February 6th.  And it will continue to go retrograde until it goes direct on the last day of the month, the 28th.  Mark your calendars – you know the drill!   Refrain from signing any new contracts in between those two dates, make sure you do not buy any major purchases during this time, and try to re-schedule any trip by car or air until after the 28ths.  If you cannot, then expect some merry mix-ups.  You may also expect to hear from some “ghosts of the past during this month. 


This year, Valentines Day falls on a Friday, which is a Venus-ruled love day anyway, combined with a full moon in Leo on that day.  This Valentine’s Day may come with some high drama this year.  Some love scenes will be passionate.  Since it occurs in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, some of you expect to hear some romantic tales of old flames from the past, or old lovers getting back together.  Additionally, the Full Moon’s energy is about intensity and completion.


ARIES – The rams can expect to hear from an old friend-turned-lover that they thought had disappeared from their life.  This could be surprising.  Do expect this month to be more romantic than usual.  Also on the agenda will be a lot of outings and socials with a few groups of friends.  But spend Valentine’s Day as a quiet evening at home.


TAURUS – Message directed at the bovine ilk, stop rattling those kitchen pans and potting soil, and focus more on your career, business, job and/or goals this month.  You may be in line for a raise or promotion, and you definitely deserve it! Bulls work hard!  If some of you are disgruntled with your current job, then use this month’s energy to re-create some new goals as mercury retrograde will help you with reflecting and outlining your goals to create some new ones.


GEMINI – The twins may run into some snafus this month if they are busy traveling or even running all around town.  Back up your material on your hard drives to avoid lost material in case of a crash.  Make sure you change your automobile’s oil.   Expect to make a 180* degree turn on one of your perspectives on an intense topic.  Some of you may think about returning to school for some classes.


CANCER – Crab people, try not to brood too much this month.  Any crises that occur this month will help you stretch your spiritual muscles.  If you must, treat yourself to some “comfort food” this month.  Stay calm especially during the full moon on the 14th.  However, this is a wonderful month to treat yourself to having a past life regression done.


LEO – The Queens and the Kings of the jungle out there…make sure you are surrounded by the correct people for you this month.  You could also win a long-awaited litigation suit this month.  The fire in your sign, this month, will make you shine and be positively magnetic!  Bask and revel in the gobs of attention that you get this month!


VIRGO – The focus this month is on your health and becoming more organized both at home and at work.  Experiencing a Mercury Retrograde in your solar 6th house, you may stumble upon old papers, manuscripts, documents, receipts or other items that need organizing or attending.  Get the important details out of the way, and spend a quiet evening at home with a loved on Valentine’s Day.


LIBRA – This is an extremely busy and social month for the sign of the Scales.  Fun and romance, and socials and outings with friends abound.  Like the Ram, you may encounter old friends or lovers who will contact you from your past.  Invite them to come along to your parties – the more the merrier.  Plan some extra play time with children, also, if you have any.  Mercury Retrograde gives you the patience and creativity to initiate some new creative projects also especially along the clothing or domestic lines.


SCORPIO – Home is where the heart is this month, Scorpio.  If you are thinking about changing residence, delay it at least until next month.  Spend Valentines Day in private with your lover watching a sizzling film or indulging in cognac and oysters!


SAGITTARIUS – Archers are roaming the community and accomplishing many errands.  Take care of any auto maintenance before anything major goes amiss.   Faraway lands beckon on Valentine’s Day, but since it’s a bad month to travel, travel via armchair!  Or visit your local library, and expand your mind this month.  It’s also a good month to decorate with the taste of the exotic.  Make time for some relatives or siblings this month.


CAPRICORN – The zodiac’s goat is focusing on their finances…AGAIN!  What else is new?!  It’s okay, formulate a new budget this month in order to save and cut expenses.  Do not, however, initiate any new investments.  This is also an ideal month to fix things i.e. that old clock or a sentimental watch you had saved.  You can also put the checkbook away and pay attention to your significant other on Valentine’s Day – you may come to the revelation on that day that they might just be your soul mate!


AQUARIUS – Water bearers, the spotlight is on you this month.  It’s a great time to begin that exercise routine that you have been putting off due to your charitable events.  You can think about decorating your house and give it a “face lift” or a new paint job.  Also add some Feng Shui to your home.  But on Valentine’s Day, this year, forget about your friends for just one day, and concentrate on your significant other!


PISCES – Use this month for reflection, and for some planning and organizing.  You can be a social butterfly next month.  Kick back and relax this month.  Perhaps pamper yourself at a local spa this month.  Get some extra R & R, or you can even visit the unfortunate in the hospital and read to them to cheer them up.  It could be rewarding.  Love yourself, this month!  Read some poetry to your lover this month or you can even treat yourself to an astrology or tarot card reading! 


Everyone, may Cupid’s Arrow strike “pay dirt” for you this month and bring many blessings.  Until next month…See you in the Stars!

Geshe Class

Geoffrey Sherman teaches an in-depth Buddhist Geshe class starting Feb 15th at 6pm. This course runs every other week for 6 months and meets for a total of 12 classes.

Geoffrey will also present an 8 week course in Buddhist meditation.

Stay tuned for further information of give us a call!

Seating is limited so reserve your space soon.